Art From Upcoming “Star Wars” Exhibit

An art gallery in Seattle held a showing for Star Wars themed art. These were [ ]...

PVC Pipe Sculptures

Artist Kang Duck-Bong (yes that's his real name) creates sculptures using pvc [ ]...

Animal Sculptures Made Out Of Louis Vuitton Bags

British artist Billie Achilleo created animals made out of Louis Vuitton handbags [ ]...

Customized Hippo Car

Not only does she drive a hippo car but her house is filled with tons of hippo [ ]...

Mall Santa Flash Mob Musical

A Mall in New Jersey gets invaded by an improv musical performance.

Crazy Russian Burger King Commercial

Russia has a very interesting way of advertising Burger King.

Push Pin Art

Portraits made entirely with push pins.

Drawing Using 3 Million Ink Dots

Artist draws his father using over 3 million individual ink dots.

The Six Finger Toy

Kids were alot easier to please back in the 60's.

Portrait Made From Sprinkles

A portrait of a doggy getting a bath made entirely from candy sprinkles.
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