Mall Santa Flash Mob Musical

A Mall in New Jersey gets invaded by an improv musical performance.

Crazy Russian Burger King Commercial

Russia has a very interesting way of advertising Burger King.

Push Pin Art

Portraits made entirely with push pins.

Drawing Using 3 Million Ink Dots

Artist draws his father using over 3 million individual ink dots.

The Six Finger Toy

Kids were alot easier to please back in the 60's.

Portrait Made From Sprinkles

A portrait of a doggy getting a bath made entirely from candy sprinkles.

Stop Motion History Of The World

A neat little stop motion video world history using paper cutouts

Top 10 Christmas Toy Fads

Ten of the most unforgettable Christmas fads from the 30 years.

Amazing Artist Timelapse

Artist creates amazing drawing using Photoshop. Its not just for airbrushing.

Candy Tongue

Another great yet weird candy creation from Japan.
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