Portrait Made From Sprinkles

A portrait of a doggy getting a bath made entirely from candy sprinkles.

Stop Motion History Of The World

A neat little stop motion video world history using paper cutouts

Top 10 Christmas Toy Fads

Ten of the most unforgettable Christmas fads from the 30 years.

Amazing Artist Timelapse

Artist creates amazing drawing using Photoshop. Its not just for airbrushing.

Candy Tongue

Another great yet weird candy creation from Japan.

If TV News Existed in 1200 B.C.

A look at what the news would be like in the year 1200 B.C.

Plastic Bottle House

A man in Argentina has built a house completely out of used plastic bottles. [ ]...

Spiderman Eye Collage

Spiderman's Eye made up of well spidey eyes.

Star Wars Engagement Photo Shoot

Couple does a Star Wars-themed engagement photo shoot. Geeky but at least she [ ]...

Photo Realistic Oil Paintings

These works of art by Yigal Ozeri are done with oil and are based on photographs [ ]...
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